Palmer unveils early treats for 2008 holiday season

WEST READING, Pa. R.M. Palmer Co., a leader in chocolate novelties, has unveiled a very early Christmas present to the public. For the 2008 holiday season, Palmer has produced 13 new items to sell.

Each item features colorful names alluding to all things Christmas, and also most notably has given in to the NASCAR craze with two new chocolate items. One is called NASCAR Blinkin’ Drinkin’ Cup, which includes peanut butter-filled foiled cars in a plastic cup. Each cup has the number of the most popular drivers’ cars, and each blinks with the color of the car when it was lifted. Another NASCAR chocolate is the NASCAR Stainless Travel Mug. This chocolate candy includes foiled cars filled with peanut butter that are packed into a stainless mug. The drivers that they feature are #20-Tony Stewart, #24-Jeff Gordon and #88- Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Other chocolates that consumers will be able to indulge in are: White Hollow “Flakey”, North Pole Pals, Double Crisp Praying Hands Card, Sno-fun mesh bag. Double Crisp Candy Bar, Double Crisp Widdy Waddles, Peppermint Patties, Mini-crisp Kringles, Holly & Berries, Holiday Wishes and the classic peppermint candy cane with a chocolate twist.

Consumers can find more information on these new creations at

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