PakSense introduces BIOmed Label

BOISE, Idaho — PakSense has launched a small device for monitoring the temperatures of medicines, the company said Monday.

PakSense said its BIOmed Label is about the size of a sugar packet and can be used to digitally monitor the temperatures of pharmaceuticals, biologics and vaccines during storage and distribution.

The company said the monitors are different from other similar devices because they read the temperature off the surface of the object to which they’re attached, allowing a closer approximation of the product’s temperature versus general ambient readings. Other features include LEDs that flash if a specified temperature range is breached and the ability to download and graph temperature readings on a computer. The PakSense Wireless Reader will download temperature data within a 300-ft line of sight, or 60 ft if an object is in the way.

“PakSense has brought a truly innovative temperature-monitoring product to the life sciences space,” PakSense CEO David Light said. “Our new class of recorder is fundamentally changing the way temperature monitoring is performed and is helping quality assurance teams extend their reach into virtually all areas of the supply chain.”

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