PacificHealth stays positive on Accelerade despite disappointment by partner Cadbury

MATAWAN, N.J. PacificHealth Labs on Monday remained positive behind its launch of Accelerade RTD, despite comments from distribution partner Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages that the initial launch of the sports beverage was disappointing.

“The number of total Accelerade servings sold in the third quarter is the highest we have ever seen for this product,” stated Robert Portman, PacificHealth president and chief executive offiicer. “This strongly suggests that our audience of users is expanding. … While Cadbury Schweppes has publicly announced their disappointment in sales of Accelerade RTD to date, we are encouraged by our own increase in sales and we will continue to work closely with the CSAB sales and marketing team.”

PacificHealth also announced it will initiate a number of marketing and sales efforts behind its Satiatrim diet aid, including the launch of radio commercials and ads in Women’s World and a major sampling program.

“At the Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans this month [Oct. 20 through 24], a study will be presented showing the effectiveness of Satiatrim on slowing gastric emptying,” Portman said. “These results are laying the foundation to allow us to incorporate the Satiatrim technology into new forms and to develop new products that are even more efficacious with a greater duration of action.”

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