PacificHealth announces Jonny Bowden as spokesperson for Satiatrim

MATAWAN, N.J. PacificHealth Laboratories on Tuesday announced that Jonny Bowden, a board-certified nutrition specialist and a nationally known expert on weight loss and nutrition, has agreed to become a spokesperson for Satiatrim, a new 50-calorie diet drink that the company claims reduces eating by up to 20 percent when consumed before a meal.

“[Bowden] brings a wealth of experience and unmatched credibility in the weight loss arena to the Satiatrim brand,” stated Robert Portman, chief executive officer of PacificHealth Laboratories. “With his track record of providing millions of men and women with science-based weight-loss solutions, consumers are sure to take Dr. Bowden seriously when he talks about the benefits of Satiatrim.”

Bowden is author of “Living the Low-Carb Life: Choosing the Diet that’s Right for You from Atkins to Zone.”

His next book, “The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth,” will be published by Fair Winds Press in January 2008.

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