Pacific World creates press-on nail collection under Fing'rs brand

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — Pacific World’s Fing’rs brand has created a new collection of press-on nails in five different fashion-forward designs.

“Our goal with Fing’rsPrints is to provide an unlimited wardrobe of on-trend style options at a reasonable price. We spent months designing nails inspired by trends seen from the streets to the runway. Not only do they look good, they are easy to apply and non-damaging to the natural nail,” stated Sheila Vega, Fing’rsPrints brand manager.

Each set of nails comes with 24 nails that can be mixed and matched along with two nail charms that can be applied to any nail. The designs include —

  • Simply Chic with 3D bow rhinestone charms
  • Girlie Glam with two 3D heart rhinestone charms
  • Street Beat with two 3D star rhinestone charms
  • Rock Rebel with two 3D skull and crossbones rhinestone charms
  • Runway Ready with two 3D royal crown rhinestone charms

The new Fing’rsPrints are priced at $7.49 each.



- 8:14 PM
AccordingToSarah says

I have tried Fing'rs Prints and they are great and easy to put on as well as take off. I highly recommend them. Great Value!

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