Pa. governor signs legislation enabling indie pharmacies to match reimbursement terms of mail order

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett last week signed into law S.B. 201, a bill that takes critical steps toward leveling the playing field between large pharmacy benefit managers and the mail-order pharmacies they own and local, independent community pharmacies. The legislation was applauded by community pharmacists. 

"By supporting the bill that emerged out of Pennsylvania's state Senate and House, the governor allows more than 1,000 local mom-and-pop pharmacies throughout Pennsylvania to match the reimbursement terms and conditions that large mail-order pharmacies currently enjoy," stated Douglas Hoey, CEO of the National Community Pharmacists Association. "Now the patients will gain greater control over their health care by being able to choose where they get their prescription drug services. That's fair and is the way the free market should work."

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