Out with the old: Beauty brands get modern makeover

Calgon Swirl Luminous body cream and Vitabath Lime Citron Basil

BALTIMORE — In an effort to reach a new generation of women, several iconic beauty brands are being re-energized and revamped for today’s modern beauty maven. 

One such brand is Calgon, which is managed by Ilex Consumer Products Group and known for its “Take Me Away” slogan. Calgon has unveiled two new collections — Ageless Bath and Sensual Collection — that hit shelves in June.

The Sensual Collection includes Sexy Fragrance Mists, Shimmering Moisture Mists, Silkening Double Mist and Swirl Luminous Body Cream. All of the products are available in three fragrances: Flirty Tease, Femme Inferno and Angelic Kiss. Each fragrance is designed to tailor to the different sensual moods and emotions of women. 

The Ageless Bath Collection is an anti-aging bath line that includes bath pearls, 2-in-1 bath and body scrub, and milk bath with serum beads.

After more than 50 years as a well-known bath and body brand, Vitabath is now poised to reach a new generation of women with 17 new sulfate- and paraben-free body washes in fresh, playful fragrances. The brand’s revival began with the rollout of Lime Citron Basil, exclusive to Costco, in June, followed by the release of the 16-scent Vitabath Fragrance Collection in July.

Meanwhile, to help those consumers suffering from eczema and atopic dermatitis, Galderma Laboratories’ well-known Cetaphil brand released in the second half of 2010 its new Cetaphil Restoraderm line. The sub-brand is comprised of a skin-restoring body wash and a skin-restoring moisturizer.

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