Otherhood: Rewriting the fairytale

Women today play a dynamic role in society, and brands and marketers — including those within the retail pharmacy space — are tirelessly working to earn her trust and loyalty, as she often makes most of the healthcare decisions for her family. While reaching “moms” is no doubt important, new research suggests that brands and marketers may be missing a tremendous opportunity among those women who are rewriting the fairy tale. 

Enter “Otherhood.”

“Otherhood” consists of women from many different backgrounds: she could be single and never married, living with a partner or a same-sex partner, married with no children, separated, divorced or widowed. No matter her circumstances, she accounts for 47% of women of childbearing age, and she has significant buying power.

Fascinated by the insights revealed in the book, “Otherhood,” by author Melanie Notkin, consumer PR and social media agency DeVries Global set out to partner with Notkin and take a closer look at these women through a recently released study called “Shades
of Otherhood.” 

The insights revealed in the study, conducted in late 2013 among 1,000 non-moms and 1,000 moms across the country, debunk the myths and stereotypes about this influential group of women and highlight opportunities to target their needs.


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