Oramed announces publication in diabetes journal

JERUSALEM — Oramed Pharmaceuticals, a developer of oral drug delivery solutions, has published an article in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology’s November issue describing evaluation of the company’s glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) analog formulation (ORMD-0901) in regulating glucose excursions in animal models.

GLP-1 and its analogs harbor significant therapeutic potential for management of Type 2 diabetes mellitus through their broad physiological impact on glucose regulation-related mechanisms. To date, these drugs are only available in injectable forms, leading to systemic effects upon administration as well as unsatisfactory patient compliance and adherence.

Oramed has applied its oral drug delivery platform to the GLP-1 analog family of medications. High sugar-content meals were delivered to animals in the presence or absence of ORMD-0901, followed by close monitoring of blood glucose levels. Specific formulations were found to effectively blunt expected glucose surges in both ORMD-0901-treated pigs and canines. The two animal models used for testing the performance of ORMD-0901 indicated retained drug activity when delivered using Oramed’s oral drug delivery platform.

Oramed already has started clinical testing of its ORMD-0901 product to test the formulation’s safety and efficacy in healthy individuals. Further testing and development are expected to significantly contribute to current diabetes control options and success rates.

To view the article abstract, click here.

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