Oral-B launches digital app to improve oral care

CINCINNATI — Procter and Gamble's Oral-B introduced on Friday the Oral-B app, a breakthrough digital tool for brushing routines that gives users a new kind of personal power over their oral care.

Connecting with any Oral-B power brush, the app offers:

  • Automated activation of a brush timer through recognition of the brush motor sound for dentist-recommended two-minute sessions;
  • Timer function with quadrant guide for even and thorough cleaning throughout the mouth;
  • Statistics function charting brushing sessions in weekly and monthly views to keep track of progress;
  • Brushing instructions and oral health tips.

“Our goal for this app was to make the invisible visible by helping users quantify and visualize the quality of their brushing sessions,” said Stephen Squire, global marketing director, Procter & Gamble Oral Care. “We know that power brush users strive to stay on top of their oral health, but they don’t always know what they’re doing is sufficient between dentist appointments. Now, with this data, they can feel more confident about their oral care regimens. We like to call it ‘a personal trainer for your teeth.’”

The company stated the app provides visual feedback that supports users in following dentist-recommended oral care routines and offers a content feed — with calendar events, news, weather and oral care tips — to sustain their attention for the entire two-minute session. It also notifies users when it’s time to change their brush heads. Even for manual users, the app can be manually activated, recording the length of each brushing session.

The Oral-B app is the first of more data-driven digital tools to come, as the brand continues to provide ways to guide and empower personal oral care regimens.

For more information on the Oral-B app and to download the app, visit the Apple Store.

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