Oral-B introduces new rechargeable power toothbrush to U.S. market

CINCINNATI — Oral-B announced today the newest addition to its line of Professional Series power toothbrushes: the Deep Sweep Triaction toothbrush.

The new Oral-B Deep Sweep Triaction toothbrush is the first of its kind in the United States to combine the familiar brushing motion of a manual brush with the comprehensive power of advanced triple-zone cleaning action to cover more surface area, and remove up to 100% more plaque versus a regular manual toothbrush. Furthermore, with up to 48,800 bristle movements per minute, select models of the Oral-B Deep Sweep Triaction can remove up to 76% more plaque in hard-to-reach areas versus other leading brands.

“Taking proper care of one’s teeth and gums is essential for optimal oral health,” noted Jonathan Levine, world-renowned dental expert and Oral-B partner. “I recommend Oral-B power toothbrushes to my patients because they are superior to manual brushing in removing plaque and come with a variety of features to address every patient’s brushing style.”

With its familiar, manual-shaped brush head designed to complement people’s natural, back-and-forth brushing motion, Deep Sweep Triaction has a combination of sweeping and stationary bristles, and a dynamic angled power tip that cleans effectively in hard-to-reach areas. Inspired by the dentist-recommended Bass technique, Deep Sweep Triaction’s bristles sweep perpendicular to manual brushing motion while two-level tufting makes sweeping bristles longer to ensure they reach deeply between teeth.

“We at Oral-B listen to our customers and strive to continuously provide them with the best oral care solutions,” said Rishi Dhingra, marketing director at Procter and Gamble. “Deep Sweep Triaction provides what many customers have long been looking for — the familiarity and experience of a manual brush coupled with the cleaning performance of an Oral-B power brush — and we’re excited to be able to meet that need for our customers nationwide.”

Like other Oral-B power toothbrushes, all Deep Sweep Triaction brushes feature a timer that signals at 30-second intervals to encourage thorough brushing in the four quadrants of the mouth, and at two minutes to indicate when the dental expert recommended brushing time has been reached. A pressure sensor in the brush head stops pulsations when you’re brushing too hard and Indicator bristles remind users to replace their brush head every three months, or once bristles have faded halfway.

The Deep Sweep Triaction power toothbrush is available in multiple models, including the Professional Series Deep Sweep Triaction 1000, and Professional Series Deep Sweep + Smart Guide Triaction 5000, offering consumers a choice of price points and features that best suit their needs.

Oral-B Professional Series Deep Sweep Triaction brushes will be available at department, retail and specialty stores nationwide at suggested retail prices ranging from $64.99 to $159.99.

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