Oprah mention piques consumer interest in SinuCleanse

MILWAUKEE A mention of the nose bidet, also known as a neti pot, on a recent segment of the Oprah Winfrey Show has heightened interest in the product, reported Med-Systems, which markets the nose bidet SinuCleanse Squeeze, a product used to gently cleanse the nasal cavity and ease the suffering from allergy symptoms and sinus infections, on Friday.

“We were thrilled when we received a report from Google that our ads had been shown more than 88,000 times that week,” stated Dave Gallo, president of Med-Systems, the company that manufactures SinuCleanse. “In fact, the neti pot was the most popular search term with 44,000 impressions.”

And the New York Times recently listed the term “nose bidet” as one of the buzzwords of 2007, the company reported.

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