Oogave organic soda launches all-natural diet line, expands distribution in Super Target Stores

DENVER — Denver-based organic soda company Oogave has begun distribution of its all-natural diet soda line, Loca, through Fresh Market stores and Whole Foods Northern California. The company also continues to expand the distribution of its original Oogave soda line through Super Target stores nationwide.

The bottled line of Oogave sodas is sweetened with agave nectar and contains 100 calories per 12 oz bottle. To reduce the calorie count down to 10 calories, Loca is sweetened with a proprietary blend of agave nectar and stevia. The Loca line is available in the company's popular flavors of Cola, Root Beer and Ginger Ale, and is packaged in six-packs of 12 oz cans. Loca is currently available in The Fresh Market stores nationwide and in Whole Foods stores in the Northern California region. Select Whole Foods Rocky Mountain region stores are expected to pick up the line in the very near future as well.

Oogave's President, Gannon Merrell, has confidence Loca will win consumer taste tests against other brands using stevia in the canned, natural diet soda category. Merrell said, "It's crazy good! Seriously, though, consumers have clearly shown their significant appetite for all-natural diet sodas in cans. We felt there was a void in that market for good-tasting options. That led us to create Loca and we are very excited to share our new line with existing Oogave drinkers, as well as those who are new to the brand."

The main line of Oogave Organic soda, available in bottles, is now being sold in Super Targets nationwide. The progressive retailer selected Oogave to fulfill its desire to offer more natural options to its consumers in the "Grab and Go" section of the store. Oogave bottles are now sporting a brighter, easier-to-see label for cold case locations.

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