Old Mother Hubbard releases new dog treats

TEWKSBURY, Mass. Old Mother Hubbard now is offering 15 new varieties of natural dog snacks.

All Old Mother Hubbard snacks are made with natural, nutrient-rich ingredients, such as chicken, cheddar cheese, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and oatmeal, without any artificial colors or flavors. And each crunchy snack is slowly oven-baked to preserve the mouth-watering flavors that dogs love to catch, chew and eat.


Old Mother Hubbard now offers:

  • Two new lines of soft and chewy snacks, which includes three new soft and chewy flavors;
  • Four new crunch varieties for its Mother's Solutions line;
  • PB hearts;
  • Fish'NWaves;
  • Liv'R'Wedges; and
  • Wheat-free Chick'N'Apples.

Old Mother Hubbard also makes snacks that target specific health issues:

  • Hip and joint;
  • Skin and coat;
  • Tartar control;
  • Minty fresh breath; and
  • Low fat.


Old Mother Hubbard natural dog snacks also now sport an updated look, so that dogs and their owners can take a peek at the delicious snacks right inside the bag through its characteristic see-through window.

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