Ohio representative expresses concern about 'preferred pharmacy' networks' effects on independents

Rep. Tim Ryan sends letter to CMS

WASHINGTON — A member of Congress is raising concerns about "preferred pharmacy" Medicare drug plans, according to an Alexandria, Va.-based trade group that represents independent pharmacies.

In a blog post Thursday, the National Community Pharmacists Association discussed a recent letter sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services by Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, in which he wrote: "Over the last few months, I have been hearing increasing concerns from Medicare beneficiaries and small business owners in my congressional district regarding Medicare Part D plans that feature preferred pharmacy networks. As these networks grow and expand in number, I am concerned that they could lead to a decrease in access to quality care and threaten the survival of small business pharmacies that play a vital role in our communities."



- 2:18 PM
m_swarner@hotmail.com says

Preferred networks are against the "any willing provider" provision of the law and must be stopped. We have lost untold business to Walmart and CVS. Our government fails again.

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