Odwalla gets PlantBottle packaging

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. Odwalla is getting greener.

By March 2011, all of the brand’s single-serve bottles will tote PlantBottle packaging. The new Odwalla package, which will be 100% recyclable, will help to reduce dependence on nonrenewable resources, the company said.


“Plants do such a good job of making our juice, Odwalla hired them to help make our bottles,” said Alison Lewis, president at Odwalla. “Doing good things for the community and building a business with heart are core guiding principles of Odwalla’s vision. PlantBottle packaging is just the latest step in our continued commitment to the environment. ... [It] can be recycled again and again in today’s recycling facilities. The redesigned plastic represents a significant step in our sustainability efforts and in protecting the planet."


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