Oasis Age Essential caters to oral health needs of baby boomers, older Americans

CLEVELAND — Oasis Consumer Healthcare, a maker of oral health products, has announced the launch of Oasis Age Essential, which it is positioning as the first over-the-counter, clinical-strength formula designed to support the changing mouth conditions of adults ages 50 years and older.

Age Essential is a daily care, alcohol-free mouthwash specifically designed for the oral health needs of baby boomers and older Americans. Age Essential's patent-pending Duration technology aims to kill germs for 16 hours while moistening a dry mouth, freshening breath and helping prevent plaque and gingivitis, which are especially harmful as adults age.

"It's no secret that the entire body changes with age, and adults 50 years and older have their own unique oral care needs, leaving them more susceptible to complications that include heart disease and stroke if they don't adhere to an upgraded oral regimen," Oasis Consumer Healthcare CEO Brian Sokol."Drug and grocery retailers can now provide their customers with oral health care specific to their age, beyond what toothpaste and traditional mouthwash can provide."

Available in 16-oz. bottles, Age Essential has a suggested retail price of $6.99.

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