Nutramax's joint health supplement featured in book

EDGEWOOD, Md. CosaminASU was named a preferred joint health supplement in a new book, "FrameWork for the Knee."

“In 'FrameWork for the Knee,' Dr. Nick DiNubile continues to stress the importance of exercise, nutrition and the mind in maintaining health,” said Troy Henderson, VP corporate operations and professional services at Nutramax Labs. “Physicians repeatedly recommended Cosamin products because of their high-quality ingredients and Nutramax Labs's strict adherence to [good manufacturing practices].”


Added the book's author Dr. Nick DiNubile, “Not only do I take CosaminASU myself, I also recommend CosaminASU to my patients who have joint issues and who have had cartilage regeneration type of surgery, such as microfracture or chondrocyte transplantation.”


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