Nutramax re-signs Palmer, sponsors golf tour

EDGEWOOD, Md. — Nutramax Labs on Thursday announced the continuation of its partnership with Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer, spokesman of the Cosamin joint health supplements in national and regional marketing campaigns and events.

"We are pleased to enter into our 11th year of partnership with Jim Palmer,” stated Troy Henderson, VP corporate operations and professional services at Nutramax. “Palmer continues to be an excellent [spokesman] for Cosamin joint health supplements because Cosamin is not just for athletes, but [also] for anyone who is active."

"Ten years ago, my orthopedic doctor recommended Cosamin for my joint pain,” Palmer said. “I’ve been using it ever since, and at 65, I’m still very active and doing the things I love most since retiring from Major League Baseball in 1985."

Palmer is scheduled to appear on behalf of Nutramax at the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society meeting in Orlando, Fla., on Dec. 4, where he will discuss the importance of the NSF Certified for Sport designation on select batches of Cosamin ASU and Cosamin DS products, Nutramax stated.

Nutramax also recently announced its sponsorship of the 2011 Georgia PGA Senior Tour. Last year, Nutramax sponsored the Senior Tour Championship at the Legends at Chateau Elan, where the Cosamin ASU trophy was awarded to long-time Cosamin consumer DeWitt Weaver.

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