Nutramax fends off faulty class action suit

EDGEWOOD, Md. — Nutramax Laboratories recently announced the defeat of a class action lawsuit brought against the company in a California court. In April, Nutramax was named in a class action regarding its CosaminDS Joint Health Supplement. Plaintiffs claimed the glucosamine/chondroitin supplement did not work in relieving joint pain as advertised. 

The federal court, however, agreed with Nutramax Laboratories’ arguments that class certification was not appropriate. Apart from the wealth of scientifically sound, clinical studies that established CosaminDS has beneficial effects, the court agreed that the plaintiff's allegations did not pass muster. 

“We are very pleased to have defeated this lawsuit, but our success in this frivolous action is unfortunately not the norm," stated Robert Henderson, chairman of Nutramax. "The legal system is being inundated by these types of lawsuits brought by lawyers who appear to be driven by the possibility of big settlement payouts" he said. "Going forward, Nutramax Laboratories will reconsider its position to sell our new … products in states such as California, which support these types of anti-business/anti-consumer laws.”

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