NPD: Makeup with skin care benefits is of interest to most women

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. Overall makeup usage may be down, but makeup products with a skin care benefit continue to be of interest among women, according to a recent study by market research company the NPD Group.

Overall usage of makeup products among 18- to 64-year-old women is down five percentage points in 2010, relative to 2008.  Among women who do wear makeup, a growing number (up 1%, equivalent to about an estimated additional one million women, based on projected population taken from the U.S. Census) are wearing only one makeup product per given day, according to beauty industry trends highlighted in NPD's newly updated study, Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report.

But while overall makeup usage is down, an area of growing interest is makeup products with skin care benefits. According to NPD, nearly 9-out-of-10 (86%) makeup users have used a makeup product that contains a skin care benefit in the past year.

According to the report, moisturizing (54%) and SPF protection (51%) are the most cited skin care benefits that the makeup products women used contained. These were followed by oil-free/won?t clog the pores (32%), reduces wrinkles/fine lines (30%) and natural/mineral-based (27%).

About 6-out-of-10 women who used makeup with skin care benefits are using these types of makeup products in addition to using skin care products with the same benefits. Nearly 2-out-of-5 women are using makeup products with skin care benefits instead of skin care products with the same benefits.

"As consumers seek to simplify their beauty routines, the opportunity is ripe for products that provide the benefits of both the makeup and skin care categories. Over the past few years a greater number of makeup products are incorporating skin care benefits that consumers would previously seek to get from a skin care product. From protective benefits to increasingly advanced anti-aging ingredients to the more specialized focus of anti-acne and redness reduction benefits, more and more makeup manufacturers are offering consumers a wider variety of skincare options today," stated Karen Grant, VP and global industry analyst for NPD.

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