NPD Group study shows how women change makeup buying habits at different ages

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. As a woman ages, her makeup usage and buying habits shift as concerns about aging play a greater role, according to a new report from The NPD Group.

According to a new report, “The Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report,” the key age group where a shift begins is 35 to 44 years old. It is during this time that women begin to use color more on their face and lips and less color on their eyes. By the time she is 35 years old she has flipped her preferences from lip gloss to lipstick and from foundation toward blush.

As women approach 40 and beyond, there is much greater attention placed on anti-aging products, the report said. In the eye category, concern about wrinkles around the eye is likely the reason why a woman might start using less eye shadow and less eyeliner when they hit 45 years of age. However, mascara usage remains high no matter what her age.

Furthermore, by the age of 35, women have a more involved daily regimen, with 42 percent of women telling NPD they use five or more products in a typical day. Younger women, aged 18 to 24, wear fewer makeup products in a typical day, with only 28 percent using five or more different products as part of her normal daily routine.

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