NPD Group: Gen Y women begin fighting signs of aging

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. — The Generation Y group is beginning to take notice and fight the signs of aging, according to the NPD Group, a provider of information and advisory services.

According to NPD’s latest Women’s Skincare In-Depth Consumer Report, 39% of women ages 25 years to 34 years say anti-aging is an important benefit they look for in facial skin care products. This is a significant jump from the 18- to 24-year-old age group where only 19% of women feel anti-aging is important.

“Gen Y is at an age when they are facing many changes, including in their skin and the way they look in general,” stated Karen Grant, NPD’s VP and senior global industry analyst. “This group still has skin care concerns from their youth, like oily skin, breakouts, and keeping acne at bay. But they also start to shift their focus toward preventing wrinkles and lightening their dark spots caused by sun damage.”

Women ages 25 years to 34 years represent 18% of all facial skin care users in the United States, and use an average of three facial skin care products in a day, with facial cleansers topping the list. Moisturizing/hydrating, acne prevention and sun protection are the most important benefits they look for in a facial skin care product. Still learning about skin care in general, these women like to experiment with products, and do so more than any other age group.

“There is an opportunity for manufacturers and retailers to educate Gen Y women on facial skincare, and allowing them to sample products plays an important role not only in capturing these consumers, but turning them into loyal customers as their needs evolve,” Grant added.

The Gen Y consumer primarily seeks advice on facial skin care purchases from friends, family and co-workers, but after that, more than any other age group, they are looking for information online (36%). Gen Y consumers also account for the largest share of online facial skin care purchasers, according to NPD.

“Open to learning, reachable, and seeking solutions, Gen Y women are a critical age group for skin care marketers to target now, as they are beginning to develop skincare regimens that are likely to follow them throughout the rest of their lives,” Grant concluded.

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