NPCA introduces payment program for pharmacy, drug store operators

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. — The National Payment Card Association has unveiled a new payment program aimed at pharmacy and drug store operators.

NPCA said its solution is a merchant-branded, PIN-based debit/loyalty card program that touts a 15 cents-per-transaction interchange fee.

The NPCA solution provides:

  • Merchant branded online enrollment engine;

  • Transaction processing and authorization;

  • Consumer portal with 24/7 access;

  • Merchant portal with a robust set of databases and business analytical tools;

  • Email engine that delivers communications to cardholders for confirming purchases and one that can leverage for special offers or incentives; and

  • Customer information that belongs to the retailer.

"We strongly believe that, just like the petroleum vertical where we started our efforts, and from what we are seeing currently in the grocery sector, the pharmacy/drug vertical will demonstrate great interest in our payment program," NPCA president Joe Randazza said. "Our goal is to empower pharmacy and drug store merchants and, in presenting our solution, we can show them what they can do for themselves to protect their profits and build loyalty."

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