NPA awards 500th NPA Natural Seal certification

WASHINGTON — The Natural Products Association last week reached a new milestone — awarding the 500th certification to products and ingredients under the NPA Natural Seal, a certification program focused on the verification of natural products and ingredients.

“The NPA certification program has been a huge success, with hundreds of products and ingredients earning our coveted natural seal,” stated John Gay, NPA executive director and CEO. “The NPA Natural Seal is quickly growing in visibility and consumer awareness nationwide. Brands that have been certified by NPA know the value that the NPA seal brings to an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

The NPA Natural Seal helps consumers easily identify products that meet the NPA’s standard of “natural.” All personal care and home care products with the NPA Natural Seal are at least 95% natural, excluding water.

In 2008, NPA launched the Natural Standard for Personal Care Products, certifying both ingredients and products that meet NPA’s standard of natural. This year, NPA launched the Natural Standard for Home Care Products, with a similar standard for certifying foods expected next year. These standards support the NPA Natural Seal.

“The NPA Natural Seal has set a high bar for truly natural products, and we are committed to strengthening the Natural Standard in the years to come,” said Cara Welch, NPA scientific and regulatory affairs manager. “People everywhere are making the choice to go natural with what they eat, what they put on their bodies, and what they use in their homes. NPA is helping these consumers every day by identifying products that are truly natural.”

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