Novo Nordisk looks at ways to raise diabetes awareness in new report

PRINCETON, N.J. Novo Nordisk is underscoring the importance of diabetes screenings with a new report, the Novo Nordisk BlueSheet.

The third edition of the drug maker's BlueSheet report examined various ways awareness and education play an integral role in the prevention, detection and treatment of diabetes. It also provides an update on the Diabetes Advocacy Alliance, a coalition that is committed to helping improve diabetes prevention, detection and care by aligning key diabetes stakeholders around diabetes-related policy and legislative efforts.

"Living with a chronic disease like diabetes is a challenge, which is why education and intervention are such important factors in successful long-term outcomes for patients," said Jerzy Gruhn, president of Novo Nordisk. "At Novo Nordisk, we understand that coping with diabetes requires knowledge, skill and support. That is why we remain committed to the education of patients and healthcare professionals. We believe it is one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against diabetes today."

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