Novartis teams up with non-profit and Weekly Reader to launch flu education program

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Novartis vaccines along with Families Fighting Flu, a non-profit organization that helps support families that were affected by influenza related deaths, and Weekly Reader Corporation Custom Publishing have teamed up to launch a new program called Spread the Word – NOT the Flu!

The educational program is designed to teach students and their families about the seriousness of influenza and the importance of receiving a vaccination annually. It consists of a detailed curriculum that teaches students about influenza facts, such as how the virus spreads, what its symptoms are, who is at risk for serious complications and how they can prevent the spread of influenza.

The sponsors are even awarding a laptop computer and a $15,000 college scholarship for children who decide to enter the “Influenza Ambassador Award Contest” which involves the students making a public service announcement to educate the public about the dangers, as well as ways to prevent themselves from contracting influenza.

“Influenza does not discriminate, so it is imperative that people of all ages are aware of the steps one can take to prevent the spread of this disease,” said Theodore F. Tsai MD, MPH, FIDSA Medical Director, North America Novartis Vaccines. “This is why we are proud to sponsor this educational program specifically geared toward teaching students about influenza and encouraging them to share their knowledge with their family to help protect their community this influenza season.”

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