Nordic Naturals, Lipid Technologies partner on omega-3 blood test distribution to doctors

WATSONVILLE, Calif. — Nordic Naturals and Lipid Technologies on Tuesday developed a partnership to ensure that practitioners have easy access to the Holman Omega-3 Blood Spot Test for their patients. The Holman Omega-3 Blood Spot Test delivers a fast, easy and accurate measurement of a person’s omega-3 levels, which can aid in making informed choices about diet and supplementation. 

“Through this exclusive agreement between Nordic Naturals and Lipid Technologies, licensed healthcare practitioners are now able to open a lab account with Lipid and receive complimentary testing materials,” stated Doug Bibus, director of Lipid Technologies. “Practitioners only pay when their patients decide to test and submit samples.” 

Both companies are hoping that the increased accessibility of this diagnostic tool will rapidly open the doors for new practitioners to bring omega-3 testing protocols into their practice to help their patients eliminate omega-3 deficiencies.

Nordic Naturals will warehouse and ship the test kits to practitioners, and Lipid Labs will process and deliver the test results. In addition, Nordic Naturals will be providing free educational material for licensed practitioners and patients.

“Optimal tissue concentrations of omega-3s are essential to health,” added Monique Wellise, Nordic Naturals professional division sales manager. “As a brand that specializes in omega-3 oils and a division that serves the needs of healthcare professionals, our objective is to truly partner with practitioners through programs and products, and the use of educational tools that drive patient success with omega-3s.

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