No rest for sleep remedies

One subcategory that has really jolted the sales-per-square-inch across analgesic sets is sleep aids. Sales of sleeping remedies, including both liquids and tablets, were up 51.2% to $408 million for the 52 weeks ended Aug. 11 across U.S. multi-outlets, according to IRI data. Almost one-third of that, or $127 million, came courtesy of Procter and Gamble’s ZzzQuil, which launched a little more than a year ago.

(For the full category review, including sales data, click here.)

And while ZzzQuil certainly raised the ceiling across sleep remedies, there are many other brands helping to bring consumers to that shelf for a purchase, particularly those sold in the liquid shot format. Dream Water and Neuro Sleep generated sales gains of 60.2% (to $6.7 million) and 26.3% (to $6.1 million), respectively.

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