Nivea unveils new packaging inspired by iconic tin

NEW YORK — Beiersdorf’s Nivea brand officially unveiled on Tuesday new packaging across all products inspired by the famous Nivea blue tin that women have come to recognize over the past century.

During a posh press event, featuring celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, in New York City on Tuesday, the skin care brand celebrated the new “design language,” which is designed to help unify the look and feel of Nivea — making it more prominent and easily recognizable at shelf.

The Nivea tin is represented by the round logo and reflected in the rounded contours of the new packaging. This new logo is the key element of Nivea’s overall design expression.

Beiersdorf's Evan Eckman greets attendees of the Nivea press event in New York City.

"The bottle that we have in front of you in various forms has just recently been hitting the shelves, and the good news ... is that it is really seliing pretty well. So, it is great. We also have a great TV commercial that is also coming out ... So, we are getting the message out there and it seems to be working, and that is all great news," Evan Eckman, VP marketing at Beiersdorf, told attendees. "... And when so many companies are really looking to downsize their packaging and sneak in a little bit of a price increase when no one is looking, we are actually doing exactly the opposite. So we are offering 25% more product in that bottle for the same price."

The newly designed Nivea products began hitting food, drug and mass outlets in the spring.


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