Nipro receives award from South Florida Manufacturers Association

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Nipro Diagnostics last month was named the South Florida Manufacturer of the Year in the 200-plus employee category by the South Florida Manufacturers Association. The award was presented March 23 at the 32nd Annual Recognition of Excellence Awards Banquet.

“This honor is a direct result of our employees’ commitment to excellence at Nipro Diagnostics,” stated company president Scott Verner. “It underscores our total commitment to delivering value and performance to our customers, which has helped us to achieve the quality/value leadership position in the diabetes monitoring category.”

The award, determined by industry peers, recognizes companies demonstrating benchmark-level quality. Nipro Diagnostics now will become South Florida’s 200-plus employee representative to the state competition at the Manufacturers Association of Florida Annual Manufacturing Summit and Global Marketplace in Orlando, Fla., later this year.

Six key criteria for selection included evaluation of leadership; strategic planning; work force focus; process management; customer and market focus; and measurement, analysis and knowledge management.

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