Nice-Pak plant achieves zero waste to landfill distinction

ORANGEBURG, N.Y. — Nice-Pak Products recently announced the transformation of its Mooresville, Ind., manufacturing plant into a “zero waste to landfill” facility — the plant now converts excess waste into energy that produces steam heat for Indianapolis.

"Our products touch consumers more than 100 billion times a year,” stated Robert Julius, Nice-Pak chairman and CEO. “We have an opportunity to make a significant difference through environmentally responsible actions, including helping educate families and communities about the important role they have in protecting our environment.”

Nice-Pak Products has partnered with a cutting-edge waste-to-energy facility that supplies steam to Indianapolis. The facility can process more than 2,000 tons per day of solid waste to produce no less than 4,500 lbs. of steam per ton of waste. The steam is used to power the Indianapolis downtown heating loop, which includes businesses, Indiana University and Purdue University's Indianapolis campus.

Additionally, to protect the environment, the waste-to-energy facility uses state-of-the-art air pollution control equipment and continuously monitors emissions. Prior to the transformation, the plant had been sending 4,200 tons of waste per year to landfills.

Mooresville is the second Nice-Pak manufacturing facility this year to convert its nonrecyclable waste stream into energy generation. In July, Nice-Pak Products announced that its Green Bay, Wis., plant had begun converting waste into biomass pellets that are used as fuel for electricity. Likewise, a third Nice-Pak U.S. manufacturing plant in Orangeburg, N.Y., is close to becoming landfill-free.

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