Next, LaValle announce positive results from Seditol study

SALINAS, Calif. Next Pharmaceuticals and The LaValle Metabolic Institute last week announced the results of a clinical study on Seditol, concluding that the natural formulation provides relaxation, promotes restful sleep and helps reduce fatigue due to lack of sleep with minimal side effects.

“I believe that Seditol is a great alternative for people who are interested in a natural approach to managing sleeplessness,” stated Charles Kosmont, chief executive officer and president of Next Pharmaceuticals. “Exhausted Americans filled almost 50 million prescriptions for sleeping pills last year.”

The open-label, single-center trial of 773 people was completed by the LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati. Of those, 718 reported that Seditol helped them relax; 680 reported Seditol helped them have a restful night’s sleep; and 696 reported Seditol helped reduce fatigue due to lack of sleep.

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