Next announces results of Nexrutine dietary supplement study

SALINAS, Calif. Next Pharmaceuticals announced Thursday the results of a clinical study on Nexrutine, conducted at The LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati.

The study concluded that Nexrutine, when used as a dietary supplement, helps in the management of pain and/or inflammation and helps promote a restful sleep with minimal side effects.

“Suffering from pain and inflammation can be a life-changing challenge,” stated Jim LaValle, founder of The LaValle Metabolic Institute and author of many books, including Cracking the Metabolic Code and the Cox-2 Connection. “Many of our patients are relieved to find a natural remedy that is not only cardio protective, but unlike aspirin, is easy on the stomach. This study demonstrates that Nexrutine has an excellent safety profile.”

Out of the 401 participants in the study, 92 percent reported Nexrutine provided pain relief and 93 percent reported improvement in their overall condition.

Nexrutine is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients developed to address general aches and pains associated with physical activity and over-exertion.

The clinical trial was designed to be an open label, single center, clinical trial.

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