Newhall Laboratories on track to reinvigorate classic personal care brands

STAMFORD, Conn. — Newhall Labs, a recently formed company that is working to acquire and reinvigorate classic personal care and beauty brands, is giving such brands as L.A. Looks; Soft & Dri; Dep; Thicker, Fuller Hair; and La Bella a makeover.

Newhall’s brand renovation effort kicked off with a complete refreshing of the websites for Soft & Dri; L.A. Looks; Dep; Thicker, Fuller Hair; Zero Frizz; Pure & Natural and La Bella with contemporary looks and easy navigation. Some of these websites are now standalone sites for the first time ever.

Other initiatives include launching new products in North America for Soft & Dri, consumer promotions for L.A. Looks, a Hispanic marketing plan for the La Bella beauty brand, and social media development for L.A. Looks and La Bella. 
The company is headed by Jon Achenbaum, most recently SVP global diabetes care at Bayer, who also held senior U.S. and global posts at Unilever and Helene Curtis over a 30-year career. Helming marketing is Jocelyn Riddle, who headed the reinvigoration of Luden’s and Chloraseptic for Prestige Brands, directed the launch of Almay Intense Eye Color for Revlon, held account-side posts at Grey Advertising and Publicis, and cut her retail-management teeth at Macy’s Herald Square.
“We are brand fans at heart, so Newhall gives us the opportunity to do what we love and excel at,” stated Achenbaum, the company’s CEO.  “The brands under our growing umbrella are distinct on their own, but share lots in common. They have strong name-recognition and trust, long-proven efficacy, a remarkably loyal user base and maintained solid distribution without strong marketing support or recent new product innovation. The upside is exciting.”

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