New York City legislation would require hiding of tobacco displays

Bloomberg administration proposes new rule, subject to city council approval

NEW YORK — In spite of a court ruling striking down a ban on large-sized sugary drinks, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has another health initiative in the works: a requirement that retailers hide tobacco products.

Bloomberg's legislation, which would make New York the first city to keep tobacco products out of the sight of customers, will go to the city council for consideration. The New York Times noted that Bloomberg skipped this procedure with the soft drink rule.

The new regulations on tobacco would still be less stringent than those in San Francisco and Boston, which have banned pharmacy retailers from selling tobacco products altogether.

The mayor's office noted that 28,000 public high school students in New York tried smoking for the first time in 2011, and 19,000 public high school students younger than 18 smoked, citing statistics indicating that young people frequently exposed to tobacco product displays are 2.5 times more likely to start smoking than those who are not exposed.



- 12:44 PM says

Doesn't NYC have bigger problems to deal with than this? Like Bloomberg's last attempt at limiting soda for the good of the people. Next, he'll be mandating that all grocery stores hide the baked goods behind closed doors in the Bakery section because statistics probably show that 2.5 times more people purchase baked goods when on display, contributing to obesity. The best thing that the city council could do at this point is get the Mayor some psychological help, or at least some qualified training on human behavior. Mandate that he concentrate on what a Mayor's role is in the most famous city in the free world... like help to improve education, public safety, reduce poverty......... certainly not limit individual freedom and impede legitimate business.

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