New York approves cannabidiol trial in children diagnosed with epilepsy

NEW YORK — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week announced an agreement between New York State and GW Pharmaceuticals to develop clinical trials using an active ingredient derived from the marijuana plant to help treat children diagnosed with epilepsy who suffer from seizures and other medical complications. New York will be the second state in the nation to initiate trials for the extract, known as cannabidiol, for children whose medical conditions have not been successfully treated by other methods.

"No child should be forced to live with the heartbreaking effects of medication-resistant epilepsy," Cuomo said. "Young New Yorkers battling these diseases deserve treatments that work for them, and by investigating the merits of cannabidiol, we are pushing the boundaries of modern medicine and working to fundamentally improve the quality of life for those children. I am very hopeful that this research collaboration will grow our understanding of these types of medications and ultimately help New Yorkers lead better lives."

The New York State Department of Health will take the lead in developing the clinical trial for submission to the Food and Drug Administration. GW Pharmaceuticals will provide consultative advice and commit personnel and other resources to the partnership, including a supply of Epidiolex, their CBD product. Designed to be conducted at New York-based hospitals, universities and medical colleges, the clinical trial will address a critical healthcare priority while expanding the scientific community’s understanding of potential treatments for children with medication-resistant epilepsies. 



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