New Web venture aims to bring convenience, affordability to razor market

LOS ANGELES — A new e-commerce venture is aiming to revamp the razor market and save consumers money by offering a monthly subscription program whereby subscribers can receive — for about $1 a month — razor cartridges and a compatible stick, right to their door.

The new Dollar Shave Club is the first of its kind, offering subscribers five of its original "Ninja" razor cartridges, and the compatible stick, shipped to their door. Through the site, located at, consumers can select the blade, choose their plan and checkout. Plan options include two-year ($24), one-year ($18), six-month ($10.74) or pay-as-you-go ($1.99).

"We started the company because we were tired of spending $20 a month on razor blades," said Michael Dubin, founder of the Dollar Shave Club. "Razor cartridges have gotten so complicated. Who needs their razor to light up, vibrate or squirt shaving cream? We just need a good shave and, mostly, we need to remember to buy blades."

The Ninja Blade features stainless steel twin blades, an aloe vera lubricating strip and a pivot head, and is compatible with all Gillette Sensor Sticks.

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