New Tamagotchi spawns new generation of virtual pet owners

CYPRESS, Calif. Bandai America has revitalized its Tamagotchi brand.

New TamaTown Tama-Go virtual pets now are available at retailers nationwide, Bandai America said. The redesigned TamaTown Tama-Go features a new high-contrast, four gray-scale display screen, a changeable design face plate and the choice of Gotchi figure.


"Bandai has expanded on the success of Tamagotchi by incorporating fan feedback to improve the play experience of the new TamaTown Tama-Go," said Danielle Armbrust, Bandai America director of marketing. "We share the same fond memories of the first generation Tamagotchi, so we're excited to see how kids enjoy interacting with and collecting the new Gotchi characters and exploring new ways to nurture and play games with their Gotchi character in the expanded online TamaTown world."


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