New tablet eliminates, not masks, bad breath, creator says

Los Angeles entrepreneur promotes InFresh

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles-based entrepreneur says he's built a better breath mint.

The breath tablet InFresh promises to "systematically eliminate" bad breath rather than masking it, as other products do. The product is a concentrated tablet that uses chlorophyll to eliminate the causes of bad breath, creater Elias Chavando said. Chavando came up with the idea in 2000 and worked with physicians and homeopathic product experts to develop it.

"If you're looking for a mint-flavored candy, this is not for you," Chavando said. "If you're looking for a cure, this is for you."

The tablet is made with a formula of chlorophyll-rich greens, such as alfalfa, parsley, wheatgrass and mint called Formula Seven. Chavando said the flavor takes some getting used to, but "after a couple of uses, our customers are hooked and keep coming back for more."

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