New supplement helps eliminate hangover-causing agent

LAS VEGAS Cheerz USA on Tuesday announced the release of IntelliShot, a Lemon-lime flavored 1.5 ounce nutrition supplement that contains a proprietary blend of immune system boosters and antioxidants that the company claims help naturally reduce and eliminate acetaldehyde, an organic chemical compound created as the body breaks down alcohol in the liver.

Acetaldehyde is popularly known as the chemical that causes hangovers. The company recommends taking one shot of IntelliShot following every third or fourth cocktail.

Cheerz USA chief executive officer Patrick Cochrane reported that the product has no effect on inebriation, does not absorb alcohol or lower BAC, nor will it circumvent the consequences of overindulgence. “Cheerz is for responsible social drinkers who want the ‘buzz’ without the dangerous lingering effects,” he said.

Approved for sale as a nutrition supplement by the FDA, the product sells online at The IntelliShot product is currently shipping to select nightclubs in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Miami Beach, Fla.

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