New store further cements branding with Walgreens

WHAT IT MEANS AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT — Walk through Duane Reade’s new flagship store at 40 Wall St., and it is clear to see why this 22,000-sq.-ft. location is important.

(THE NEWS: Duane Reade's new flagship is glimpse of drug store of the future. For the full story, click here.) 

For starters, the co-branding “Powered by Walgreens Pharmacy Network” represents connectivity of the Duane Reade stores to Walgreens’ pharmacy universe. This connectively quitely has been taking place behind the scenes, but this new store marks the first time that Duane Reade has introduced the concept to its consumers.

Then there’s the food. Yes, in recent months, several pharmacy retailers have made a greater push into “fresh,” but this store completely redefines what it means to sell food in a drug store. There are in-store sushi chefs, a juice/smoothie bar and partnerships with local New York City gourmet retailers and such eateries as Zabars.

Another important element of the store is the innovative technology from the virtual assistant at the door to the magical makeover tool in beauty to the high-tech, mix-and-match Coke machine.

Even the beauty department has been beautified. In many stores, Duane Reade already has revamped its beauty department with its upscale Look Boutique, but this store has an expanded Look Boutique and beauty services, such as manicures and hair styling, typically not found in a drug chain. 

This store is clearly a drug store of the future.

For more on Duane Reade's newest store, click here for Drug Store News' exclusive video coverage featuring Walgreens' Joe Magnacca. For photos of the store, click here to view Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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