New solution battles female hair loss

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Looking to cater to women battling hair loss is the new MD by Dr. Susan Lin, which was created with the specific needs of female hair loss in mind.

The MD Hair collection is comprised of five products that address several main causes of female hair loss: aging, stress, and hormonal issues.

All of the products are designed to help women have fuller, thicker, and younger-looking hair. Many users start to see results in as little as two weeks, the company stated.

The cornerstone product of the collection is MD Nutri Hair, a daily supplement with lilac extract. In scientific studies, lilac has been shown to be effective at helping to control the hormonal activity that can cause hair loss.

MD Scalp Essentials solution is infused with almond-derived mandelic acid to get to the root of scalp issues and hair loss. This lightweight serum helps to rapidly address itchiness, oiliness, flakes, and thinning hair.  For accelerated female hair loss, MD Follicle Energizer is a leave-on serum that encourages healthy hair growth, according to the company.

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