New prescription counter double-counts, stores data

LAKE FOREST, Ill. — A new tablet counter from Kirby Lester is looking to make dispensing the proper amount of medication faster. The new KL1Plus double counts the tablets it dispenses and can then store the count data for up to 10 years.

The tool is meant to streamline double counts for filling prescriptions like controlled medications, which pharmacies are required to count twice. If there’s a dispute about medication dispensed, pharmacists can access stored counts on the tool’s touchscreen.

"The KL1Plus's trackable double-count is a pharmacy's safety net against counting errors or customer complaints," Kirby Lester’s VP sales Dave Johnson. "Regardless of what brand of robot a pharmacy uses, the KL1Plus enhances that pharmacy's defenses. … One hundred percent of your orders are verified, counted and archived with automation."

The KL1Plus will be showcased by Kirby Lester at upcoming shows like NACDS Boston, the North Carolina Mutual Annual in Myrtle Beach and the Morris & Dickson M.A.D. Days of Summer in Austin, Texas.

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