New PLMALive video report analyzes sustainability

NEW YORK — How retailers are investing in and addressing sustainability and how manufacturers are adjusting is the focus of a new video report on PLMALive.

Looking to address sustainability, retailers have generally been developing programs aimed at four different categories: products and supply chains, recycle and waste management, energy improvement, and design and construction.
Manufacturers are noticing these investments too and are taking action on their own part. Graham Mitchell, president and CEO of Sustainable Innovations, analyzes these actions and says there is a huge opportunity for private label in bringing innovative sustainability ideas to retailers, developing and branding them.
But, the bottom line may ultimately come from the consumers. Jon Berry, VP of consumer trends with GFK Roper, believes that surveys conducted over recent years indicate that consumers are increasingly showing a lack of knowledge about sustainability and environmentally-friendly products.
Berry states that the baby boomer demographic is generally skeptical of environmentally-friendly “green” products, while the younger millennials, are more conscious of this issue and, as they become parents, will likely pass this onto their own children. As a result, Berry doesn't see sustainability becoming an important issue in the minds of consumers within the next decade, but ultimately 30 to 40 years down the line.


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