New phone app aims to reduce women's health issues related to tampon use

AUSTIN, Texas — AccAssociates, a developer of applications for both iPhone and Android, has created a new phone app, dubbed Tampon Minder, that keeps women informed and in control of their tampon placement.

Leaving tampons in for more than the manufacturer's recommended duration can cause serious health issues including, in rare cases, death from Toxic Shock Syndrome. While people may think “how could this possibly be a problem,” the company stated that OB/GYNs and emergency room doctors see women in dire circumstances due to tampons left in too long all the time. In fact, the man who created the app, Cesar Jimenez Lithgow, did so after seeing his 24-year-old daughter rushed to the doctor with serious pelvic inflammation. She, like many other busy women, simply forgot to remove her tampon in a timely manner and only realized the problem when she began experiencing pain and discomfort. By this time, the tampon had begun to disintegrate and required a doctor to effectively remove it. It also required her to be monitored for the following 48 hours due to the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Tampon Minder is an intuitive app that maintains a two-way communication with women while on their menstrual cycle. To use, women start by selecting the number of days their cycle usually lasts. The app will then monitor and interact with them through the duration of their complete cycle ensuring they don’t forget to remove or replace a tampon.

 The Tampon Minder app is available for download and is priced at $2.99.

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