Dr Cocoa, the new pediatric cold remedy and dry cough named 'Best Product' at recent ECRM conference

DESTIN, Fla. — Pernix Therapeutics was recently honored with a "Best Product" designation by retail buyers attending ECRM's Cough/Cold, Analgesics & Allergy EPPS here for its line of Dr. Cocoa pediatric dry cough-cold products. 

"We are proud of this award as it demonstrates that retailers recognize that our new line of real chocolate cough products for children is a true innovation for the category," stated May Petracco, Pernix VP OTC development. "We also believe that consumers will find that Dr. Cocoa's is a great-tasting way to relieve their children's cough and cold symptoms."

The Dr. Cocoa brand will be introduced in the 2013-2014 cough-cold season with four SKUs, including a cough formulation, both Daytime and Nighttime Cold and Cough formulations and a cold and fever formulation.  

Dr. Cocoa represents the first OTC launch for Pernix, an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company based in The Woodlands, Texas. 

Retail buyers who attend the conference are polled by ECRM regarding the best product they've seen at that show. The award is sponsored by DSN Group.


- 1:03 PM
healthnut says

They already have a chocolate cough syrup called CocoaCough. Dr. Cocoa looks like it contains dextromethorphan, a drug not recommended for kids. CocoaCough contains all natural ingredients like buckwheat honey and chocolate which has been proven more effective than dextromethorphan. I think it stick to a natural product.

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