New line of clay-based beauty products to hit market this summer

NEW YORK — Pharmaclay Delivery Systems has announced that it will introduce Clayspray, a line of clay-based beauty products targeting the face and body, to the U.S. market this summer.  

The collection will launch at three international beauty events: Premiere Orlando on June 1 to 3 in Orlando; The International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference on June 22 to 24 in Las Vegas; and Cosmoprof North America on July 14 to 16 in Las Vegas.

The collection includes eight spray bottle clay emulsions that are available in both professional and retail sizes. Due to its patented delivery system, Clayspray remains fresh and at its optimal maturation level, achieving maximum efficacy and a longer shelf life, the manufacturer stated. There is no messy mixing or cleanup. Clayspray has a creamy texture that coats the face and body. It dries fast and washes off easily with no muddy residue.  

“Participating in these international trade events is a great opportunity to introduce Clayspray to the American market.  Clayspray is ‘the world’s first clay spray emulsion.’  It’s a revolutionary product for use in the facial masque category and one that fills a void in the marketplace for such a unique line of skin and body treatments,” stated Norberto Mugarza, GM Pharmaclay Laboratories.

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