New HotShot pepper spray assures personal security

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. A compact, easy-to-use, safe and effective personal defense product has hit the market.

PepperBall Technologies' HotShot pepper spray product shoots a disruptive cloud of hot pepper powder up to 12 ft. to assure personal security from attackers, the company said. Plus, HotShot does not require the same level of accuracy as pepper sprays, which must be shot directly into an attacker's face and eyes. The HotShot powder cloud can be quickly deployed in the general direction of an attacker while maintaining its full effectiveness.

"Everyone appreciates the ability to test fire the HotShot," said Conrad Sun, CEO of PepperBall Technologies, the manufacturer of HotShot. "It really helps to ensure you're ready to move quickly and accurately when the product is needed. That being said, HotShot is extremely easy to use. Just point the product at an attacker, move the sliding safety latch and depress the trigger -- a cloud of intensely hot pepper bursts toward your target and immediately penetrates the attacker's eyes, nose and lungs, causing incapacitation."

The new product retails for $39.99 and comes with one practice cartridge, one hot pepper cartridge and an instructional DVD. HotShot now is available at sporting goods retailers nationwide. For more product details, including a brief demonstrational video, please visit

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