New drug for hot flashes becomes available nationwide

Noven Pharmaceuticals announces availability of Brisdelle

NEW YORK — Noven Pharmaceuticals has launched a new drug for severe hot flashes nationwide, the company said.

The drug maker announced the availability of Brisdelle (paroxetine) capsules in the 7.5-mg strength, the first-ever non-hormonal drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for moderate to severe hot flashes associated with menopause.

"The availability of Brisdelle is a major medical advancement for menopausal women dealing with moderate to severe hot flashes, which can often last five years or longer in some women," Northwestern University medical professor Lauren Streicher said in a statement on behalf of Noven. "The reality is, on average, today's women are living over a third of their lives after the start of menopause. my hope is that this new, clinically proven option will help empower women to initiate a dialogue with their healthcare providers about finding a treatment plan that is right for them."


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